Sunday, March 22, 2009 religion

NREG.....pronounced like "enrage" short form 4 'no religion'.
In this world of communal harmony/disharmony whatever is going on in other names, I stand out to follow a different religion call Nreg. Born in a hindu family, i am forced to write Hinduism as my religion in innumerable forms that i have to fill up everyday. But honestly speaking i am not hindu a bit, if praying to idols is what hinduism is, if chanting gayatri mantra is what hinduism is, if keeping fasts is what hinduism is. You may not believe me, but I have due respect for all religions equally, though i feel all of them come with their own rights n wrongs(no offence meant).
But i personally follow none or i follow the one callled Nreg. The underlined theory of my religion is that there is a superpower up above who can see us all. But it is not only the superpower whom we must have faith in but in OURSELVES. We must believe in ourselves, have faith in our own potentials than anyone else. We must learn to love ourselves first, because only then can we love others properly. If there exists so many religions with so many contrasting rules (though the main theory is almost same everywhere), there ought to be differences that will allways prove to be a threat to the peace and security of the people. Whereas Nreg is there for people of all religion to follow. It does not humiliate one religion or overemphasise any other. It only tells you that you should believe in your own self and then there cant be anything impossible. I see my freinds praying infront of god/bhagwan/ullah...whatever you may call him/her before exams. I would rather opt for some meditation to improve my concentration, my self belief, study hard to improve my knowledge rather than depend on someone else to request him/her that i have a good exam. Its just a small example that i gave you. I want you to be practical and believe in yourselves rather than someone else.
Some beliefs of nreg for you:
1. There is just one superpower who created the universe (until science proves
something strong enough to negate this fact)
2. Believe in your own potential rather than depending on someone else.
3. Work hard to do better rather than sitting back and asking your god for
4. Respect yourself and others irrespective of what the other person thinks of you
or believes in.
5. Respect nature.
6. Dont hate others just because they dont think like you do or do not have the
same faith as yours.
7. Dont force your feelings on others.
8. Help the people in need but not in a way that they become dependent on you,
rather in a way that they learn to help themselves from the next time onwards.
9. Learn to be happy always. Do things that make others happy because that will
earn you immense happiness and a sense of fulfillment.
10. Thank the superpower once a day if possible for what he/she or whatever has
given you in this life.

Thank you all for reading in and if you believe that NREG is worthy enough for you to follow, just let me know. Also if you have any grievences about it please let me know.

Friday, March 6, 2009

CAT 2009 links

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