Sunday, February 15, 2009


I am back......but irritated of the INDIA today. I know irritation is not the solution. But tell me how can i stop this.......stop wat u may think......well.....stop the indicency going around. Hope you have read today's paper. What the bajrang Dal and Ram Sene activists are doing is sheer indecency. Is this the free India? In 1947 we got freedom from British rule. But what we have today, is it real freedom? I think it would have been a better idea to be the slaves of British, because at least you had the freedom of expressing emotions(may be not political). Yesterday Bajrang Dal members mistook a brother and sister holding hands as a couple and beat them. Why? Cant siblings hold hands? And then, even if they were not siblings but two people in love, what is the big deal in holding hand? Is that more indecent than what these Moral Police are doing? People may say that we are not America or any other western country where public display of emotions is allowed. I agree that even today India's culture is not so western to accept people kissing on streets and people are arrested for showing indecency. But holding hands? Does a young kid not hold hands of his/her parents? Is that indecent? If holding hands in streets is indecent then i think people who say so should never marry. Their life will become impure then. These people are not allowing citizens of this country to love..... we dont have freedom even to love..... and you say this is a free country? How? Someone please explain this to me. Please convince me how, the actions of these moral police is right. And if you, there, if you think it is wrong, please come up with some ideas as to how to stop this nonsense going on in the society.

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