Saturday, May 16, 2009

i am back

hellllooooooooooooooooo everyone..............................

back after a long long long long long long long time. Dear readers, soory for being away for so long. Actually i was in college(hostel) with no internet access. Now i am done with my college. "College" would rather call that "4 years gone waste". To be honest, college for me was nothing but a waste of time. Except for a handful of friends out in my hostel i got nothing of my college life.....oh no....yeah i got....i got the my biggest gift of life in college....i found true love there, I mound my soul mate. Yeah love has happened before...or should i say those were infatuations ? .....dont really know, because had they been love, i shouldnt have forgotten them so easily. Now, getting out of this topic, let me share with you a very dark secret. These four years at college has been a torture for me. "Engineering students" used to call be "unlucky". Not because i was the victim, but as a person from science background i dont believe in such unscientific tags. But i had to suffer. I suffered very badly because everytime people(other than very limited number of friends) encountered me they covered their eyes and went past by so that they didnt have to see me. Such was the treatment i faced. I always felt responsible for this situation , however much my friends used to console, that it was not my fault but the backwardness of those people, responsible for the situation. But always it was i who used to suffer. I always wished that my college days rush by. Only in the last 4 months i came across a guy called madhur malhotra or MADDY. He's a life coach and could successfully instill in me the feelings that it was actually not my fault and i be happy. Since then i am really trying to be happy. And honestly i am happy. Happy that i have got some very good friends...sreya, ats, rimps, piu, mads, and my dear mars. I am happy that i have a cute brother. I am happy that i have true love. I am happy that i have a life. I am happy. Thank you Maddy for instilling in me d feelings when i needed it the most. Thanks.. Thank you my friends for being there for me throughout my rough times. Thank you all. I hope in the coming days i can lead my life to the fullest and hope that god blesses me with the power to face challenges that come my way.

I wont bore you people any further today, with all these stupid craps about me. Would come back next time with a topic that will interest you all and this time i'll be back soon.

Thanks and goodbye till then..

yours truly...................


  1. Congratz 4 ur True Love.
    Congratz 4 ur dear pals.
    Congratz 4 ur life coach.
    Congratz 4 ur happiness in life/

    But 1thing isn't placement is a gift in ur clg life?
    Be happy...............

  2. not i hv realised that it is not what i exactly want in life...

  3. Whatever may be ur goal in life...ultimately when u begin to earn in ur life...getting 1st job will not match with it....thats what i feel.....