Thursday, December 3, 2009

Finally somewhere...yet nowhere.....

back after almost a month.....hope everyone of u is doing well.....a lot has transpired in my life in the last few days.........ever since i decided not to go for CAT seriously (had to take it bcz parents asked to).......i didnt have anything to do...n spending 24 hrs a day becomes pathetic...u dont have anything to do and exactly then all the negatives come to your mind......i was getting frustrated day by day..looking for job....i have applied to a couple of banks and i though of preparing...but couldnt concentrate..i cant when a thousand other things are there at the back of my feb i hv my infy joining and i am desperately looking for a job so that i can join before goin to infy.....i even prepared for core sector jobs....but didnt get a single interview call.....everyday getting up..checking naukri, monster, timesjobs n wat not...n at d end of the day i m in d same position as i started...still no interview gets all d more frustraing..wen u want to do something but dont have the money and have to ask parents for least it frustrates me a lot..d idea of asking for money over and over frustrations still brewing as i fail to get a job till now....without contacts getting a job in real tuf...n well...i went for an interview in a finance company but what? they dont accept me bcz i m and they belive i wnt stay..even after i sign after here lies my companies dont call...may b my cv is not good enuf (grads frm a very avg college) and non engineering sector doesnt call me bcz i m a where m i lying? n where is my future? ise bolte hain na ghar ka na ghat ka........
god know wat i'l d now on the job front..but smething really grt happened on d personal front...if u ppl have read chetan bhagat's 2 states u may knw abt d story...mine is similar except we r frm d same place...d story not only did affect us..ut led us to take some decisions..n at d end of it all...things have fallen in place...with both families real happy n satisfied.....and well...28th of nov was one of my best days for more than one reasons.....
n well as far as spending time goes..i hv finally enrolled for a course..very different from my engg background..n thus it was real difficult to convince my parents y i want to do atleast i'l learn something n do something substantial than just whiling away my time......i also want to concentrate for bank preparation..just hope that i'l get a job.....newes talking abt bank jobs just reminded me of a blog by a SP JAIN alumni..... check this
great work friend..keep carrying on your good work....friends who want to brush up ur gk may hv a look at that blog..its grt...

newes..thats all i hv for now..will be off for a short trip to the north of our beloved country....wil b back here once i return............

P.S : sorry i forgot to mention that my tryst wid CAT 2009 is over....u can read my experience at

speculations regarding cancellation of this test is very high...even your's truly votes for a cancellation and conduction of a free and fair test...but we cant do nothing n hv to wait n watch what the IIMs come up lets end it here........will be back soon


  1. Great post, but your frustration shows here too!
    My position is similar except that my parents give me ample money without me asking even once!

  2. well written lopa, u hav a flair for writing - vibhor

  3. @ sharad
    even if i get money..that very thing seems odd to me..i dnt knw y..but taking money frm sm1 else wen i shud b earning n supporting them seems really frustrating....its nt that my parents tell me anything..but smehw i feel bad..i dnt knw if the same happens wid any1

  4. i agree with u lopa, it feels bad to be asking parents now that we are expected to things on our own. Even if they fulfill our needs, there is an intense desire to do things on your own.It sucks to sit at home after graduating with a B.Tech. Even tho our parents are generous enuf doesn't mean we keep taking advantage of that for too long.
    Btw..CAT was a big joke this time...there should be a re-test for CAT to be what it's meant to be.